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The Reviewers are advised to follow below guidelines

The reviewer must receive the manuscript materials as the confidential documents after acknowledging the invitation to be the reviewer indicating their availability. The materials cannot be shared with any one without prior authorization from the editors and the authors and should not use the material for the advantage or disadvantage of any other person or organization.
The reviewers should agree to review those manuscripts only in which they have subject expertise and commit to properly assess in a reasonable time frame. The reviewers also need to make sure that all the potentially conflicting interests must be clarified with the journal when unsure of what constitutes relevant interest.
The reviewers must ensure that the journals receive their true and actual personal and professional information that is a testimony to their expertise. The impersonation of another individual must be avoided. The reviewers must declare if lacking in their subject expertise and are able to assess only certain parts of the manuscript, mentioning clearly what parts of it comes under their relevant expertise.
The reviewers should be considerate to the mutually agreed time frame and should only accept to review if they are fairly confident, and intimate the Journal promptly when seeking an extension. Always the policies of the journals are followed in following the review. The journal’s criterion for accepting and publishing the manuscript are implemented. The reviewer should not accept the material for the review if they think they are unable to provide an unbiased review or with no intention of submitting it or when already working on the similar kind which is under consideration with another journal or when not satisfied with journal’s review policies.

The journal needs to be duly notified for any irregularities in case the reviewers have concerns about ethical issues about the work, uncanny similarities with any manuscript submitted or published in any other journal, and detect any wrongdoing while researching, writing and submitting the manuscript. The reviewer ensures that there is no intellectual bias or any conflicting considerations in either positively or negatively influencing the review process, but the outcome relies purely on merit basis.

The Editor seeks fair and honest appraisal of the manuscript assessing for its strengths and weaknesses on the basis of reviewer’s sound subject knowledge and any decision on modification, acceptance, or rejection of a manuscript rests with him.

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